Watchers Games

Jigsaw Puzzles — Fan Art — Couples

by Faithnz
Althenea & Rowena
266 pieces
Dawn & Jeff
by elfTLG

140 pieces
by Zahir
Vi, Xander, Dawn, Skye, Rowena, Willow
20 pieces
Tainted Love
Skye & Dawn
204 pieces
by Zahir
Did you just call me Buffy?
50 pieces
Kennedy & Kadin

425 pieces
Something Good
by McBragg III
Kadin & Kennedy
493 pieces
by Faithnz
Vi & Kadin
42 pieces
by Zahir
Willow & Kadin
195 pieces
Mia & Kennedy
by Chris Cook

391 pieces
Who has to know?
by Zahir
Rowena & Kennedy
36 pieces
Would it be so bad?
by Faithnz
Kennedy & Rowena
70 pieces
Something Subversive
by McBragg III
Do you want me to tell you something really subversive?
399 pieces
Only One
by McBragg III
Because there is only room for one on a pedestal
255 pieces
Kenlow Dream
by Mattxxx
...I long to feel your touch.
192 pieces
Kenlow 4-ever
by rissa0525
Willow & Kennedy
165 pieces
by Faithnz
The real reason everyone wants these two
130 pieces
Making Up
by Faithnz
Rowena & Willow
234 pieces
Xander & Vi
by elfTLG
Xander & Vi
475 pieces
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*Each zip file is approximately 500k.
Artwork by staff & fans of Watchers: The Virtual Series and Watchers: Restoration.

Get Willow & Tara jigsaw puzzles at Chris Cook's Through the Looking-glass.