Watchers Games

Jigsaw Puzzles — Fan Art — Episodes

Season 1
by Chris Cook

300 pieces
by Chris Cook

520 pieces
3-1 War Zone Buffy
by elfTLG
Right. Big snake. I'm the bait. Got it...
165 pieces
3-3 Both Sides Now
by elfTLG
Xander, Willow, Vi
352 pieces
3-7 In The Balance
by elfTLG
Kennedy & Gregor
108 pieces
3-15 59:23
Rowena, Marissa, Kennedy
234 pieces
3-23 Shomer
by CN Winters
Willow & Giles
192 pieces
Faith's Death
by CN Winters
Death through the eyes of an angel
180 pieces
Forgive Me
by Mattxxx
I forgive you for everything. I only wish you were here to forgive me.
48 pieces
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*Each zip file is approximately 500k.
Artwork by staff & fans of Watchers: The Virtual Series and Watchers: Restoration.

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